About us

A word from the founder...

 "I always knew I wanted to be a wedding and event stylist and planner, I have been an organisational geek since I can remember, a professional perfectionist with meticulous attention to every fine detail, I absolutely thrive on it, yep - what a sado. I also absolutely love unusual, quirky bits and pieces, being creative and bringing things together.  Above all I LOVE a great party!!  Until I had planned my own wedding I always felt like I’d be a fraud planning such a big day for someone else.  Then it happened, my wonderful fool of a husband asked me to marry him.  I loved the planning even more than I imagined and BOOM I was off, on my new life path and there was born, Hooray For The Day!   
So, since I can remember I’ve always been a little bit of a rebel, not hugely but I refuse to do the ‘norm’.  If I want to do something differently, then I damn well will!  One conversation will always stand out for me when planning my own wedding – Mum: “Vicky, that’s not traditionally what Brides do” Me: “Mum, I don’t give a damn what Brides normally do, I’ll do what I want”. 
 I wanted to create a company that fully supports the uniqueness of individuals and guides them to portray this in their events.  I passionately believe that every Wedding and personal event should be a completely individual affair, no off the shelf package, no rules!  After all, isn’t that what celebrations are about, unique souls?  I love nothing more than guiding people with creative ideas and inspiring clients to have a fabulously unique experience.

I also wanted to create a company that takes in to account environmental, ethical and welfare issues as this is something I am very passionate about.  In the huge business that is weddings & events I feel it is important to consider the impact.  Where we can, we always use try to find the most ‘friendly’ sources using eco-friendly, ethical, fair trade and high welfare suppliers and always look to work alongside the very best small local business.  With no compromise on quality.
In my spare time - spare?  Ha, ha!!  You’ll find me on the beach with my beautiful 2 year old daughter or camping in the woods with my VW Club.  Another passion of mine is vintage cars, I have been running the VW club for 10 years now and have met the most wonderful friends for life through this. Truly grateful.
Hooray For The Day hails from Southsea in Portsmouth, but we are happy to go further afield in Hampshire.  I work with a fantastic little team of trusted professionals to offer expertise and services which will ensure it is the most perfect and unique experience for all involved.  I look forward to working with you too!"

Victoria Heard

Hooray for the Day